All Malas are designed and handmade by me on Oak Island, SC. Each Mala is made with love, peaceful intention, and inspired by the natural world around us! Each of the 108 beads holds space for a mantra to help guide mediation and bring clarity to the unknown. The Mala is a wearable reflection of your own journey and a reminder to let your authentic self shine. 

Each mala has a story, many of these pictures have become someone's story! I enjoy making custom malas, that way the recipiant can tell me what they need the mala for, for example courage or clarity. I then research and design the mala with this special person in mind. If interested in having a mala designed for you or someone special in your life, please send me a buzz! Pictured on this site are some of the malas that have been passed on! 

You can find my malas, bracelets, and earrings on my ETSY site EvolveMalas 

Each Mala comes packaged ready for gift giving with a description of what a Mala is and how it can be used. Made with Love - Evolve!!

Click on the pictures below to view some of my pieces!!!