Every Friday and Sunday we gather as a community on the Pour House's  Outside Deck to practice yoga. This is not your typical yoga class because this amazing space is not your typical place. So much creativity flows off this deck in the form of song, music, and dance....we as yogis contribute to this creativity each week!! Each class interweaves the importance of social justice and equality, and how this effects our planet as a whole. 

The class is based on "Freedom" style yoga, which originates form one of my teachers, Erich Schiffmann. For the first 40 minutes of class, I will guide you through an all levels class, after 40 minutes, we crank the music for about 5 minutes and practice as a community. This can be very powerful because we as yogis are being guided from within, we are letting our creative expression soar on the yoga mat. Some days it can turn into a full on dance party and others we lay on our mats in awe of the pecan tree above. After the 5 minutes, I ground you and send you into your weekend. 


My Dear Friend Kerry Love captures the essence of the class:

Evolve Yoga is an hour-long, all-levels inspirational flow class. Participants will be guided through a unique mix of traditional and non-traditional yoga movements, all set to a well-crafted playlist of familiar classics and eclectic, new music. The focus of Evolve Yoga is to help students become more in-tune with themselves on the mat and off. Each class is created around an inspiring theme of self-empowerment, love, and equality. And in the style of Erich Schiffman's Freedom Yoga (one of Kate's primary teachers), for five minutes (and one awesome song), participants are encouraged to move their bodies any way they choose (this often turns into a dance party). This is an uplifting and often transformative class that is like no yoga class you've ever been to. 

As soon as the class is finished on Friday, the Pour House deck opens up for Happy Hour and music! 

As soon as the class is finished on Sunday, the Pour House deck opens up and the Sunday Brunch Farmers Market starts! This amazing market runs from 11am - 3pm every Sunday! 


Friday at 3pm

Sunday at 10am

$10, Please bring your own mat and some water!!