A childhood friend asked me years ago to marry him and his wife, I was honored to be able to witness this special bound and celebrate their love. I really enjoyed being an officiant and this love has evolved! 

I try to make each ceremony as personal as possible. I meet with couple before hand and we discuss their vision. I like to really get to know the couple and what created their love! I ask the couple to write letters to each other, which I send a format of questions to help guide this process. I ask that they do not show each other their letters and send them directly to me. I build the ceremony around these letters and seal them for the couple. On the day of the wedding I give the letters to the couple to read, I ask that they keep them close. It is nice to have a reminder of your love for each other as you venture through the beautiful journey of marriage!! I have had couples nail the letters in a box with a nice bottle of wine during the ceremony, with the plan to open the box on their wedding anniversary to enjoy!!! 

If you are interested in talking to me about possibly being an officiant please send me a buzz!