In my eyes it is all is a lifestyle, it is how we treat ourselves and how we treat is a PRACTICE. Some days yoga for me is sitting or even laying on my mat and not moving but exploring the rise and fall of my breath, other days I crank the music and let inspiration guide the flow, and somedays I am completely blown away by the strength of the spine. No matter what, yoga meets me where I am minute by minute, day by day....I have so much love for this evolving practice!!! 

Yon can catch me around Charleston, South Carolina in studios, gyms, and musical venues! 

My Current Schedule:


10am Gaea Yoga Center - Grounded

12pm Gaea Yoga Center - Gaea Flow 


9:30am - Yoloha Yoga Factory - Power Yoga


12:15pm  Yoloha Yoga Factory - Power Yoga 


10am Gaea Yoga Center - Yin 

12pm Gaea Yoga Center - Gaea Flow 

3pm Pour House Yoga - ALL LEVELS (OUTSIDE)


10am Pour House Yoga - ALL LEVELS 

I am available for private/group yoga sessions, please just send me a buzz for more info!